Saturday, February 2, 2008

And now the hard part

Please excuse the fuzziness, I have lost the gizmo I need to connect my good camera to the computer, so have reverted back to the first digital camera we ever had, which is really pretty old and not so good.

The bag is done although clearly I need to work on joining colors in the round. I even tried the little trick the pattern said, but you can still tell where the join is. Anyone have any suggestions???

I also messed up the stripe pattern, but by the time I figured it out I decided it wasn't worth ripping back.

Now onto the i-cord. Grump.


Awesome Mom said...

When I join colors on my longies I have to just play with the tension by tugging on the ends of the colors. I am sure that it will not show up after you felt the bag.

BeachMama said...

that looks great! I too am going to start the i-cords today. Your stries look pretty good to me!

Liesl said...

That looks wonderful :)

Liesl said...

That looks wonderful :)